OSDI's Collective Healing Projects

Peace Tree book delivery and reading for the children of Tinaian and Saipan Islands. Sharing words of healing and conversations with Mayor Joey San Nicolas, and Lecture for the Northern Marianas Humanities Council, Chimoro and Carolinian leaders and representatives.

Hideko with Children
Gifts of books to the Children of Saipan
Tinian Mayor, Joey San Nicolas
Tinian Mayor, Joey San Nicolas
Addressing the committee
Addressing mayor’s staff in conference room
WWII Landing Beach, Saipan
WWII Landing Beach, Saipan
Runway Able, 1/1/16
Runway Able, 1/1/16
Hideko Planting Coconut Seeds
Hideko planting Peace Seeds before departure

Asahi reporter Sonoko visits friends in Ashland.

Ashland Culture of Peace
Ashland Culture of Peace welcomes Sonoko
Sonoko and Mayor Stromberg
Sonoko visting Mayor Stromberg
Sonoko meets coach Charlie Hall and Noriko Hansen of JA-SO
Sonoko meets coach Charlie Hall and Noriko Hansen of JA-SO

Profits from When a Peace Tree Blooms supporting the children of Fukushima at Aozora(Blue Sky) Daycare away from the city so the children may play without radiation harm

Mixing and kneading flour
Wow, a pizza!
Ninja game using "Furoshiki" scarf.

Building Bridges Fundraising, Ashland Oregon

Welcome to Building Bridges for Peace
Dr. Kathy Bates loves Mari Kishi’s ink brush work
Hideko and her daughter Miko Rose, DO, Psychiatry
Hideko, showing Hiroshima before August, 1945
JA-SO ladies lending hands

2015 Our chair to Hiroshima for the 70th commemoration

Peace Ambassador Hideko Tamura meets the honorable Mayor, Matsui - 8/4/15
An opening address to the Children’s Peace Conference - 8/6/15
Reunion with the PRB team members - 8/13/15
Peace lanterns in memory of our forebears - 8/6/15

2014 Marston Family Visits Japan

OSDI facilitated a generous invitation from Dr. T. Nishigaki to the family of the late Dave Marston, to retrace his steps during the 2006 Peace Journey. Composed in Japan while touring with the Rogue Valley Peace Choir, Marston sang “From America to Hiroshima”, an apology and plea to build a world of peace, in Hiroshima's Peace Park. He later recorded the song with wife Tami and daughters Sarah and Rose, who sang it once again in the Peace Park.

Bon Voyage party with 2006 Peace Journey members
Tami, Sarah and Rose singing 'From America to Hiroshima', at Peace Park on 8/6/14
Singing at Hiroshima Monument, with Dave Marston's CD inside
“Rest in Peace Forever, Dave”,
Hiroshima 8/6/14
Goodbyes, with sponsor Dr. Nishigaki
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2013 Japanese Peace Delegation to Oregon

OSDI welcomed former hosts and organizers of the Rogue Valley Peace Choir's 2006 Peace Journey, to rekindle friendships and participate in the 28th annual Hiroshima Nagasaki Vigil. Dr. Tsugikazu Nishigaki (scholar, pastor, former chancellor of Hiroshima Mission School), Etsuko Shinohara (editor) & Takako Sasaki, (childcare administrator, sculptor) were joined by Mari Kishi, illustrator of When A Peace Tree Blooms, to celebrate publishing of book with author Hideko Tamura Snider.

Welcoming Reception at United Methodist Church, Medford
Television interview of author and illustrator of When A Peace Tree Blooms

Dr. Nishigaki speaks
Tami, Sarah & Rose Marston sing, Unitarian Universalist Church, Ashland
Lighting of Memorial Flame with honored guests
Tokyo singer Masako Cross sings at Opening Hiroshima Ceremony
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