2014 Marston Family Visits Japan

OSDI facilitated a generous invitation from Dr. T. Nishigaki to the family of the late Dave Marston, to retrace his steps during the 2006 Peace Journey. Composed in Japan while touring with the Rogue Valley Peace Choir, Marston sang “From America to Hiroshima”, an apology and plea to build a world of peace, in Hiroshima's Peace Park. He later recorded the song with wife Tami and daughters Sarah and Rose, who sang it once again in the Peace Park.

Bon Voyage party with 2006 Peace Journey members
Tami, Sarah and Rose singing 'From America to Hiroshima', at Peace Park on 8/6/14
Singing at Hiroshima Monument, with Dave Marston's CD inside
“Rest in Peace Forever, Dave”,
Hiroshima 8/6/14
Goodbyes, with sponsor Dr. Nishigaki
Marstons with sponsor Dr. Nishigaki and Peace Journey organizers Etsuko Shinohara (right) and Takako Sasaki (middle)
Visiting Floating Shrine with hosts of 2006 Peace Journey
Kobe Garden
Tea Ceremony
Dr. N. and Rose at baseball game, Kobe
Tami and Sarah view Heian Shrine, Kyoto
Memorial Cenotaph
A-bomb Dome, Children's Peace Monument
Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park