2013 Japanese Peace Delegation to Oregon

OSDI welcomed former hosts and organizers of the Rogue Valley Peace Choir's 2006 Peace Journey, to rekindle friendships and participate in the 28th annual Hiroshima Nagasaki Vigil. Dr. Tsugikazu Nishigaki (scholar, pastor, former chancellor of Hiroshima Mission School), Etsuko Shinohara (editor) & Takako Sasaki, (childcare administrator, sculptor) were joined by Mari Kishi, illustrator of When A Peace Tree Blooms, to celebrate publishing of book with author Hideko Tamura Snider.

Welcoming Reception at United Methodist Church, Medford
Television interview of author and illustrator of When A Peace Tree Blooms

Dr. Nishigaki speaks
Tami, Sarah & Rose Marston sing, Unitarian Universalist Church, Ashland
Lighting of Memorial Flame with honored guests
Tokyo singer Masako Cross sings at Opening Hiroshima Ceremony
Ashland Mayor reads Proclamations declaring Japan Friendship Week,
Hiroshima and Nagasaki Days
Water Ceremony
Dr. Nishigaki speaks at closing
Nagasaki Ceremony.
Japanese Assn. of Southern OR, sings in remembrance of Fukushima.
Etsuko Shinohara, Takako Sasaki, Mari Kishi share hopes for peace.
Sunflower Ceremony, releasing our hopes for nuclear-free future.
Presenting Letter from Hiroshima Mayor and gift cranes to Mayor of Medford at City Council Meeting.
Welcoming Reception at Peace House, Ashland
Presentation of Letter from Hiroshima Mayor to Ashland's Mayor for Peace
Reunion Dinner with 2006 Peace Journey travelers
Sharing food and singing together once again
OSDI cosponsors annual Rogue Valley Hiroshima Nagasaki Vigil
each year featuring informational table with petitions and educational displays
Dr. Nishigaki, standing by the founder’s plaque in total surprise that it was identical to one on the wall of the Methodist Church in Kobe, Japan
Visitors with Deedie Runkel at Ann Hathaway where they stayed
Mary Frost, hosting the visitors at Rogue Valley Mannor, a retirement community
From America to Hiroshima by Marston on the Ashland Peace Wall
Ashland Peace Wall tiles