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When a peace tree blooms coverWhen a Peace Tree Blooms

Reader comments:

“Trees have long been a symbol of rebirth, but perhaps nowhere more so than in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Many not only survived the atomic bombings in 1945, but thrived, giving human survivors hope that they, too, would again be healthy and whole. Hideko Tamura Snider has taken that idea a step further, suggesting to children, with thoughtful illustrations by Mari Kishi, that the trees also give the gift of understanding and healing, lessons a new generation must learn if we are ever to move forward together in peace.”
-- Clifton Truman Daniel, Member, Board of Directors of Harry S. Truman Presidential Library

“Hideko’s book is simply beautiful.
I’m grateful there are people in the world writing like she does”
-- Christopher Alftine, MD, partner/internist – Medford Medical Clinic, LLP  

“What a powerful, always timely and important message to all of us. We felt the message of hope very strongly.”
-- Del & Cordelia Arellano, retired therapist and teacher

“This is a beautiful story, and an important one to be told. Your choice to tell it as a story within a story makes it personal and immediate, and works, in my opinion.”
-- Leslie Perkins, children’s librarian

Story by Hideko Tamura Snider
Illustrations by Mari Kishi

A children's picture book about creating peace in the world. Will you help plant a Peace Tree? A story of affirmation for human resilience and a choice toward enduring peace through reconciliation
written with gentle words and in lovely soft colors. A little girl meets an elderly couple who has been planting seeds given to them by a traveler in appreciation for the hospitality he received.

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One Sunny Day

One Sunny Day book coverMemoir by Hideko Tamura Snider

Hideko Tamura was ten years old when the atomic bomb devastated her home in Hiroshima. In her eloquent and moving narrative, Hideko recalls her life before the bomb, the explosion itself, and the influence of that trauma upon her subsequent life in Japan and the United States.

Her years in America have given her unusual insights into the relationship between Japanese and American cultures and the impact of Hiroshima on all our lives.

"It took nearly a lifetime before I could begin to share my story. It began as a chronicle for my children who never knew their grandparents or the home I once came from. It grew into an article published by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists in 1995, and from that into a book published in 1996."

One Sunny Day by Hideko Tamura Snider

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"There have been scores of such remembrances recorded,
but few that so touch and sear the soul
as much as this childhood memory of one sunny day."

-- Studs Terkel