One Sunny Day Initiatives

One Sunny Day Initiatives - choir in Japan

Founded in 2007, OSDI educates the public about the consequences of the use of nuclear weapons and plants seeds of peace, hope and reconciliation among people of the world, through educational presentations and cultural exchange programs. View photos

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UN Book Event

UN Book Event Flyer

Hideko Tamura-Snider

Hideko Tamura Snider at speaking engagement

Since 1979, Hideko Tamura Snider has been interviewed on radio and TV, and has appeared before professional organizations, university classes, and community groups across the United States and in her native Japan, telling her story and working toward peace and nuclear nonproliferation.

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Hideko to Japan in August

Appointed Ambassador of Peace for City of Hiroshima participates in 70th year ceremonies and activities

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Books from OSDI

When a Peace Tree Blooms

A picture book for all ages, about creating peace in the world

When a Peace Tree Blooms book cover

Audio book & T-shirt also available!
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One Sunny Day

One Sunny Day book cover

Newly expanded edition to be released soon.
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Upcoming OSDI Events

  • December 2015
    Peace Tree book reading in Saipan and Tinian
  • January 2016
    Rotary International World Peace Conference (California)