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One Sunny Day Initiatives - choir in Japan

Founded in 2007, OSDI educates the public about the consequences of the use of nuclear weapons and plants seeds of peace, hope and reconciliation among people of the world, through educational presentations and cultural exchange programs. View photos

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Listen to OPB's Think Out Loud interview with Hideko about surviving the bombing of Hiroshima.

Lecture sponsored by the Humanity’s CouncilHideko speaks to Oregon about creating a Nuclear-Free future.

Hideko Tamura-Snider

Hideko Tamura Snider at speaking engagement

Since 1979, Hideko Tamura Snider has been interviewed on radio and TV, and has appeared before professional organizations, university classes, and community groups across the United States and in her native Japan, telling her story and working toward peace and nuclear nonproliferation.

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Hideko's Journeys

Tinian/Saipan visit (12/22/15~1/5/16) Peace Tree book delivery for the children of Tinian to Mayor, Joey San Nicolas. Book reading at the Tinian Youth Center, Lecture for the Northern Marianas Humanities Council. Gifts of books to the Children of Saipan, conversations with Chimoro and Carolinian leaders and representatives.

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Books from OSDI

When a Peace Tree Blooms

When a Peace Tree Blooms book cover

A picture book for all ages, about creating peace in the world.

Audio book & T-shirt also available!
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One Sunny Day

New One Sunny Day book cover

A newly revised and expanded version is coming soon.

One Sunny Day book cover

A memoir of Hideko's extraordinary life as a survivor of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and how she chose to dedicate her life to peace.

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Current OSDI Projects

  • Green Legacy Hiroshima
    The newest project is sending seeds and saplings of trees that survived the bombing and gifting them as a symbol of peace and hope, valuing life, around the world through Green Legacy Hiroshima. See their introductory video.
  • Just Published!
    A Chinese translation by April Zhang of Beijing Poplar Culture Project Co. of When a Peace Tree Blooms is now available, to be shipped around the world with the message of peace and reconciliation. The Hiroshima Peace Museum in Japan will be gifting the book to Chinese students at the local universities with an OSDI insert card translated into Chinese by Prof. Li Jing of Beijing University. The card is printed on paper made from recycled Origami cranes, folded by children around the world.